July 13th ACT Fundamentals Course

This Eight-week, 16-hr Course will be taught by an expert tutor who will guide you through the right strategies for what the ACT is actually testing. You’ll gain new insights that will help make the test easier, build your confidence, and lead to a higher score.

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Material Includes

  • N You can find the Course Curriculum Handouts within each of the eight lessons. Each Handout contains the content that will be covered during the session as well as all of the homework associated with the lesson. The 2024-2025 Official ACT Prep Guide (ISBN: 978-1394259915) is NOT included. The class will use the provided Handouts in conjunction with the book, which MUST be purchased prior to the first class session.

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  • N In this comprehensive course, you'll learn how to approach the ACT in the best way possible using Universal Strategies that will simplify the testing experience, specific section & topic strategies which when used will boost your score, and a review of only the most pertinent content that you'll need to improve your outcome.

Course Curriculum

Class 1 – Universal Strategies, Full Reading Strategy, Intro to Science (5/30/24)

  • Live Class 1 & Materials
  • Lesson 1 Quiz
  • Make-up Video & Curriculum for Class 1

Class 2 – Math 1 and Reading & Science Practice (6/4/24)

Class 3 – English 1 and Reading & Science Practice (6/6/24)

Class 4 – Math 2 and Reading & Science Practice (6/11/24)

Class 5 – English 2 and Reading & Science Practice (6/18/24)

Class 6 – Math 3 and Reading & Science Practice (6/25/24)

Class 7 – English 3 and Reading & Science Practice (7/2/24)

Class 8 – Full Review, Practice Questions, Timed-Drills (7/9/24)

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ACT Student
The Tutors do a great job of explaining different strategies and provide all the necessary testing skills to ensure success on the ACT.

Dane E.

Caleb did a great job and and my daughter got a 3 point increase on her ACT!!

Jo G.

My score raised three points in less than two months!

Jake H.

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