What is this Live Stream Prep?

Live Stream Prep brings the right strategies for the test, right to your home. Let our expert tutors provide you with the insights needed to master the skills to achieve your best score. Featuring classes throughout the day to help guide you to achieve your best.

How do I register for Live Stream Prep?

Simply register for the specific test you are preparing for and start choosing the classes you want to live stream. We offer classes specific to the test you are preparing for to help you achieve your best score. Register Here.

I am from out of town. How does this work?

No problem. At Live Stream Prep, all of our classes are online. You can stream classes anywhere and on any device. 

Where and when is registration?

Registration is all online. Students will want to register at least one week in advance keeping in mind it is their responsibility to purchase the official ACT, GRE or LSAT Prep Guides. 

What is your score guarantee?

We are committed to helping students achieve their goals. If your score does not improve after three months of classes, you will receive three months of Live Stream Prep for free. Please keep in mind students need to attend one class per week to be eligible for a Score Guarantee.

Who will be my Tutor?

Live Stream Prep offers lop-level tutors with a minimum of 10 years of ACT, LSAT or GRE experience. Tutors will listed when signing up for each class so you know exactly which Tutor will be teaching the class. 

How do I sign up for the official ACT?

It is your responsibility to register for the official ACT. Although we would love to do it for you, the process involves us knowing some pretty confidential information (i.e. your SSN). If you do not take the test you’re doing all this prep for it is very likely that your score will be impacted negatively. To register for the official ACT on the ACT website, click here.

When and where do I log in for the classes?

All of our classes are on the calendar within each ACT, GRE or LSAT page. Choose which classes you want to register for and our tutors will send you an email reminder for each class you have registered for so you won’t forget!

Our Upcoming Courses

Live Stream ACT

Are you a Junior or Senior in high school who wants to do your best on the ACT but don’t know how to get to your goal? We can help you discover new ways to look at the ACT, making the test much more simple, while improving your score.

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Live Stream LSAT

Planning on making Law School your next stop? We can help get you where you need to be by test day. As with anything worth doing, it’s not going to be easy, but we can provide you with the tools necessary to build your confidence and improve your score.

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Live Stream GRE

Graduate school is a big deal. We can help get you on the right path to perform your best on test day. We’ll provide essential insights to the test and give you the tools necessary to put your best foot forward.

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